Dental Discount Plan

family of 3 smiling togetherLooking for a way to save on your dental treatment? As a valued patient of our practice, you are eligible to sign up for our in-house discount plan, custom-created just for our patients. As a member, you'll save on all procedures performed in our office. Sign up and save. It's that simple!

How It Works

  1. Sign up online or by phone.
  2. Let us know your application is complete.
  3. We'll apply the savings to your bill.
  4. Leave with a smile!

Your Membership

Your membership includes savings on these procedures and more:

  • Routine Exam (20% off)
  • X-rays (20% off)
  • Cleaning (20% off)
  • Composite (white) filling (20% off)
  • Crown (porcelain fused to noble metal) (20% off)
  • Molar root canal (20% off)
  • Extraction (single tooth) (20% off)
  • Save 10% of specialty work

Your plan also includes these extras:

  • Vision Care Discounts (eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses)
  • Prescription Discounts (15-80% discount on generics, 15-25% discount on brand names)
  • Discounts on LASIK (members receive significant discounts on laser vision correction)

Pricing Options

Enroll yourself or your whole household! You can use your plan as often as your like and you'll save each time you use it. *There is a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.

  • One person: $11.95/month or $119.00/year*
  • Two people: $15.95/month or $159.00/year*
  • Up to four people: $19.95/month or $199.00/year*

Ready for major savings on the high-quality dental care you deserve? Every member of your family can benefit from our Dental Savings Plan! Call or go online to sign up today.

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