Emergency Dentistry in Ashland, OH

$50 Emergency Exam with X-Rays

Urgent conditions like persistent tooth pain, knocked-out teeth, or an oral injury need to be treated right away! We never want dental care costs to prevent you from seeking emergency care. Our $50 emergency exam with x-rays is designed with relief in mind. Don't let painful or uncomfortable symptoms go untreated — call us for your same-day or next-day emergency exam!
*Regularly valued at $92 this is for D0120, D0220*

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, don’t wait! Call us to schedule an emergency visit with Ashland Dental Arts right away!

woman holding her mouth from tooth pain

Unfortunately, many people will go out of their way to avoid the dentist, even in an emergency. But, patients with excellent oral health habits may find themselves involved in an accident that requires immediate attention. When you need critical dental care at once, Ashland Dental Arts is available to relieve pain and repair damaged teeth in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

We address the following urgent dental care issues at our Ashland, OH dental office:

Chipped, Damaged, or Lost Teeth

Not much is worse than looking in the mirror after an accident to find a chipped tooth or space where one used to be! Much of the time, teeth can be reinserted into the jaw if emergency care is administered quickly. Broken and cracked teeth can also be repaired relatively easily, as well.

Persistent Tooth Pain

Cavities can form in between and behind teeth, making it difficult for patients to spot them. Extensive tooth decay can cause constant pain, and if left untreated it can lead to further damage that requires more extensive repairs.

Critical Dental Repairs

Crowns are durable caps that cover a tooth’s sensitive interior. Over time they can become loose or fall out entirely, leaving your original, damaged tooth exposed. Bridgework may become damaged as well, needing attention right away to avoid causing harm to the soft tissues in the mouth.

Abscesses and Swelling

Infection under the gumline can be both painful and dangerous. It may indicate a severe problem, and if ruptured might create a host of other issues by spreading the infection. During an emergency appointment, our clinicians will help determine the best treatment, which may include immediate extraction or a root canal.

Emergency Dental Care in Ashland, OH

If you’ve had an accident or are suffering from persistent discomfort and pain, call us right away.

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